There are many reasons that I want to discuss Death Stranding on this blog, but the biggest reason is to discuss the delusion surrounding this game. Death Stranding is not going to release in 2018. It’s rather obvious. The creator of Death Stranding and one of the most distinguished members of the games industry Hideo Kojima has only recently decided what engine he’s going to use and development is not set to hit full swing until next year. I don’t think you should expect Death Stranding until at least 2020, but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if we had to wait longer than that.

I am very concerned regarding Death Stranding. As I said earlier this game is not coming out any time soon and Sony/Kojima might be sending this game out to die. Hype can be a valuable asset to a game, but more often than not it is a detriment to the game and it’s sales. Revealing a game this early in a game’s development will only be detrimental. You are never as excited for a game as when you first see its announcement and the longer you wait the more that hype dies down. By the time Death Stranding releases, although it will likely be a remarkable game, people are going to forget about it and as a result the sales of the game may suffer.

I would really like to see Kojima go dark for a few years as development gets going. As cool as the CGI trailers we have been getting are, they are too much for a game that won’t be releasing for some time. And with these cryptic teasers comes speculation from fans. This might not seem like such a bad thing, but there is so little information on what Death Stranding will actually be that many will be expecting something that Death Stranding can’t deliver.